In my life, I have had 2 experiences that left me wondering, “Did I just interact with an Angel?”   Have you had any like that too?  These types of interactions happen few and far between, but when they happen, they are just different enough that you wonder.  Today, I know for sure, I am 100% positive; I did indeed interact with an Angel.

I went to Heinens for some milk (Shot out the Hartzlers!!  Best milk on the planet!).  But of course, as the story always goes, you go to the store for one thing and you walk out with 20.  In my case, I ended up with only about 4 bags full of groceries. No biggie, I have carried more grocery bags than that while I’ve been pregnant.  This time though,  the problem came when I realized that I didn’t have many things, but I did have heavy things; most of which consisted of the 2 half gallon (glass bottles) of milk and a large container of laundry detergent.   Since Heinens doesnt let you take the cart out of the store, I was in quite a pickle.

I pulled my cart around to the door and looked at my 4 bags.  I thought to myself,  EEhh, I can do this.  I’ll just carry one heavy item in one hand and the other item in my other hand.   At that moment, all the warning signs about pregnant women not lifting heavy items few across my mind.  So I prayed a simple prayer.

Lord, these items are too heavy for me to carry, and I can’t take the cart to my car.  If You don’t want me to carry these will You please send me an Angel to help me. 

Not two seconds after the prayer entered my mind did a gentleman walk up to me and ask, “My I carry your groceries for you?”

It was one of those moments where time stopped for me.  I dont know how long it took for me to answer him.  And I’m sure my mouth hung open in shock for longer then I would have liked.  Eventually the words, “Yes, thank you.” Managed to work their way out of my mouth.

He was a taller thinner “man” in a rugged outfit.  He had a shaved head.  He did not look perfect.  And I noticed he had a speech impediment. It appeared as though, he too, was just coming in for a few things after a hard days work. But I knew that wasn’t the case.  This being was an angel.

As we walked to the car he struck up a conversation with me.

Angel:  Is this your first pregnancy?

Me:  Kinda.  My husband and I lost our first pregnancy.  I went into labor early and it didnt work out.  But this pregnancy seems to be going fine. We are hopeful.

Angel:  Mmm, I’ll be praying for you.  God bless you.


It was a quick conversation but very meaningful.  I was pretty positive he was an angel the moment he approached me, but then to hear him say boldly, “I will be praying for you and God bless.”  Who says that to a stranger?  It was as if he was confirming it even more.  I didnt have the guts to ask if he was an angel, but it did cross my mind.  And I almost said, “Send my love to Grace and Ellie.”  Until next time angel….

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels. – Hebrews 13:2