I want a crying new born.

I want a tumbling one-year-old.

I want a terrible two-year-old.

I want a talkative three-year-old.

I want a curious four-year-old.

I want a growing five-year-old.

I want a sassy pre-teen.

I want a know-it-all teenager.

I want an independent young adult.


You were chosen for me


I will cuddle my new born when she cries.

I will catch my one-year-old when she falls.

I will carefully discipline my two-year-old when she is terrible.

I will acknowledge my three-year-old when she talks.

I will investigate with my four-year-old when she is curious.

I will nurture my five-year-old as she grows.

I will love my pre-teen when she is sassy.

I will speak truth to my know-it-all teen.

I will encourage my young adults independence.


I was chosen for you.


Having a child is less about how convenient it is for me and more about who I choose to be in the process for the betterment of this little child.   She isn’t always going to act the way I want her to but I can choose how to respond.